While this may be quite evident to those of you that have seen me walking around  with my little white dog, I like to eat.  I also love to cook.  I love cooking so much that after retiring from the world of accounting, I went to culinary school ‘for the fun of it’.  I enjoyed cooking for others but, until recently, I cooked for myself only occasionally.  I found myself eating the Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, cans of soup or fried potatoes and eggs and really only cooking for those occasions when I had guests.  Even worse, I found myself throwing away as much food as I ate. After gaining another 20 pounds and realizing that my energy levels were nonexistent, I decided that I really needed to change those habits and stop all the prepared food and snacking uncontrollably.

Then I bought a cookbook called “The Pleasure is All Mine” by Suzanne Pirret and realized that cooking for yourself can be as satisfying, fun and delicious as cooking for a large group.  Suzanne’s stories of sitting in the middle of her kitchen floor eating a steak that she didn’t have to share had me laughing so hard the tears ran down my legs,  I mean eyes.  Well, you get the picture.  So….I decided to rewrite a number of those recipes that I have enjoyed all my life and those I haven’t thought of yet to one or two servings.  Some things I don’t mind having for lunch the next day, others, not so much.

To make a long story even longer, I’m going to be sharing those recipes in a newsletter for seniors as well as on this blog.  The amounts are pretty much recommended servings such as 2 oz or 1/2 cup) of pasta is the package recommended for a single serving.  Feel free to comment on the recipes whenever you like so that I can incorporate fixes or changes.  If anyone needs help preparing the recipes, just give me a call and I’ll be in your kitchen.

I’ll probably be throwing in a bit of melancholia and stories of the good ole’ days as we old folks are prone to do as well.  This is my first time blogging and transferring pictures from my phone and all this other tech stuff so please be patient with my mess and feel free to other ideas and corrections.




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  1. Sherry Colllins says:

    This is gonna be GREAT!!!!!

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